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I met Jennine over 10 years ago in highschool.  We quickly became great friends, and when she introduced me to her cousin in 1998… little did i know that i would eventully become a part of her family!  I married her cousin Chris in 2006 and Jennine stood up as one of my bridesmaids.

When I found out that Jennine and Trevor were tying the knot this summer (and that I was to be a bridesmaid) I was super excited!  I think I may be more excited about planning her wedding than she is! This isn’t to say though, that doing Jennine’s invitations and collateral hasn’t come without challenges…. Jennine is the inspiration for my earlier post about digital invitations.  Being a print person, it was hard for me to accept it when Jennine broke the news to me that doing conventional invitations just wasn’t in their budget (or timeframe)… but i took that challenge head on… and am proud to present the results!

Page 1 of 2 of Jennine & Trevor's digital wedding invitation.

Page 1 of 2 of Jennine & Trevor's digital wedding invitation.

Page 2 of 2 of Jennine & Trevor's digital wedding invitation.

Page 2 of 2 of Jennine & Trevor's digital wedding invitation.

Now, while these invitations may be low on price…they aren’t low on style!  Jennine found a great deal on some thank you cards on clearance at a store… which gave us the inspiration for our border design (refer back to my earlier post about making sure to coordinate all your pieces together). I then used a woodcut style illustration of a flowering vine to play off of the outdoor reception that they are hosting.

A few more important items that I was sure to include in these invitations:

1. I kept the size a traditional wedding invitation size (5×7).  That way if guests choose to print the invitations, they will still have the apprearance of a formal invite.

2. For the RSVP section, we not only included an email address, but we also left a phone number.  This will make it easier for their guests to get ahold of Jennine and Trevor.  Another great idea of something to include would be your website if you had one!


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Something that was recently brought to my attention was the thought of doing an evite for a wedding invitation.  Now, being a graphic designer of course I am partial to print… but i can’t lie… sending out a digital invitation does have some benefits:


No postage necessary – especially useful since the cost of postage stamps just went up yesterday.

No printing costs – this means that you can use as many colors as you’d like on the piece; you’re not limited to using 1 or 2-color printing to stay on budget.

No paper costs – not only do you not have to pay for expensive paper and envelopes, but it is more environmentally friendly!

Budget friendly – there is almost no cost involved with an evite.

Time Saver – you won’t have to assemble any pieces or stuff any envelopes!  AND if you are on a tight deadline, they can be created and emailed much quicker than their traditional counterpart.


It’s not traditional – I’m not necessarily one to follow tradition, but using evites is a new thing, and some people might not be into the idea. It may be perceived as cheap or tacky.

Technology isn’t everyone’s friend – I know it is hard to believe, but not everyone has an email address or knows how to use a computer… especially grandparents or older family member. You’re taking a risk that not everyone will be able to view your invitation.

You won’t have something to hold on to – not only is there something super special about holding a nicely designed print piece (hey i am a graphic designer afterall) but what will you have to put away in a scrapbook or photo album for you kids to look at one day? There is just something so timeless about print…just think of the trip down memory lane you’ll have in 50 years!

While I can see the benefits of sending out digital invitations, to me, there is just no comparison to a printed piece. But, if you are really in a pickle, and can’t afford (or don’t have time) to traditionally print your wedding invitations, then go ahead and do them via email. My only requirement… make sure they would live up to the same quality standards you would hold a print piece up to… make sure it matches with your overall wedding theme/decor.

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