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Christmas cards

Since Halloween is offically over, i feel that it is now safe to start talking about CHRISTMAS!  Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year…but for some reason i never am able to get my christmas cards mailed out on time. This year, it has become my mission to create and send my cards by the time i leave on vacation Dec. 4th.

If you really want your christmas cards to be unique and not some cookie cutter style you printed out at walgreens, then you need to start thinking about them NOW!

Here are some tips to help you start getting those creative juices flowing:

1. Pick  a theme. Your theme could be based off of colors, characters, patterns, etc. whatever makes  you think of the christmas season.

2. Photos, include them or not? That is the question.  I’m not against putting photos in your cards, or making photo cards IF YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A NICE PHOTO TO USE! I’m not saying that you have to have professional pictures taken, BUT, i have seen some out there that are just terrible.  For example, my sister took a family portrait with the back drop being their big screen TV… I mean come on, who wants to see that.  We want to see the family, how the kids have grown, not your accessories in your house! Choose a nice spot like in front of the fireplace or christmas tree…. or even go outside.  Another great idea instead of using a staged family portrait is to collect some of your favorites from throughout the year… include those along with a story about that moment… it’s a great way to reflect on the past year and keep people in touch with what has been going on in your life!

3. Watch your budget. I have seen a lot of beautiful cards for sale lately, the only problem is that they are so expensive!  you don’t need to spend that much on christmas cards… instead make your own cards. Use your home printer to print out photos and attach them to cardstock.  Or start out designing your cards from scratch and printing them on your home printer or websites like vistaprint.com. You’ll find the quality comparable and the price a lot nicer!

4. Be unique.  Your christmas cards should represent who you and your family are. Don’t use a generic card you got of the shelf.  Find a way to personalize it… that way when the recipient opens it, they’ll know it is from your heart.


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