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Birth announcements are usually the first official presentation of your new baby to the outside world.  So when my sister Debbie came to me asking for a birth announcement I was confused…. you see, she has no children nor has she ever been pregnant.  What she did do though, was rescue a Husky puppy from Second Chance Mutts in Indiana. Debbie like many people, considers her pets a part of her family, almost a child even, that is when it all began to make sense! Why shouldn’t her “furry child” have a proper introduction to the world just like any other baby? So we got to work right away on creating Crystal Skye Martini’s birth announcement!

Pet Birth Announcement

Pet Birth Announcement

Debbie’s favorite color combination is HOT PINK and black…so I thoght it was fitting that Skye’s announcement should fit the theme. A cute black and white photo along with all the neccessary details about Skye in a clean layout was all this piece needed to show off Debbie’s new bundle of joy.

Another aspect of this announcement that I really love is the shout out that Debbie gives to Second Chance Mutts; the rescue where she got Skye from. Being a part of animal rescue and volunteering for our local humane society is something that is close to both my sister and myself. It is just a little something that ends the announcement with a nod to others to think about animal rescue.


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